Baofeng GT-3 Radio successfully programmed with Chirp software

I have, like most of my friends, the popular radio Baofeng UV-5R plus. There is now an updated model from Baofeng called GT-3.

This is just a quick blog post, where I want to report that the two radios are almost identical, and I successfully programmed with the Chirp software the Baofeng GT-3. Just set into the chirp software that you are programming a UV-5R. You will be able to backup your radio and to flash a configuration. I also tested reading from UV-5R and writing to a GT-3 and it works without problems.



Baofeng GT-3

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24 Responses to Baofeng GT-3 Radio successfully programmed with Chirp software

  1. Lloyd Yeargan says:

    my boafeng gt 3 locked up nothing works but one channel it happed when I tried to ust the program cable and chirp ? can any one help

  2. KB9YEJ says:

    Beware using Chirp on a GT-3. I have two of these units, one with current firmware and one with older BFB297 firmware. Setting Chirp on the 9-6-2014 daily build to a uv-5r worked on the current firmware, but it some how disabled the speaker on the older firmware. Now I get no sound unless I plug in an external speaker. Also the 7 character user defined channel names are not uploaded and displayed like they are on a uv-5r. I’m hoping a firmware upgrade, once I figure out how to do it, on my older gt-3 will restore the speaker.

  3. David M0DCM says:

    I’ve just purchased 2 of these, one for me and the other for my Dad and I must say I am very impressed with them! Tried programming Dad’s on his Windows 7 64bit PC with the Baofeng software and it was a none starter, but as soon as I tried it with Chirp on my Ubuntu powered Laptop, well what can I say other than Chirp and Linux won the day!!

    This is the first Baofeng HT I’ve ever purchased, and I am very impressed with it, and Chirp just works when Windows didn’t!! Penguin power!!

  4. guglielmo says:

    buon giorno gentilmente volevo sapere come si mette lo shift sul baofeng gt-3 non ho capito come si fa grazie.

  5. Rodney says:

    Hey honestly I used gt3_vip program file downloaded thaat on my computer after downloading chirp opened up the gt3_vip file and only down side is you gotta change it to English setting every time..I probably wouldn’t use a different models programming I tried the uvr first and it wouldn’t even process reading the radio..the gt3_vip file has a lil more of a name on it but it should be enough to find it on the net good luck anyone know how to unlock the 23cm band on one of these it use to scan that high it no longer does and I don’t flipping know why I got a better antenna and can’t even use it at the moment cuz it flips back at 520 and chirp doesn’t allow me to set it higher than 520mhz?..if you got the answer text me 7577539275..

  6. Andy says:

    Got two new gt3 tp (tri power) radios . Any one have a suggestion on how to program with chirp software. Running Windows 10 on my pc. Çhirp works great for all my other baofeng radios just not on the gt3’s Can’t get it to recognize the radios.

  7. PeterNola says:

    Oh this sucks! This is what I get for not reading more before I buy! This is the classic electronics mine field I’ve been through a million times! Bill Gates should be under a prison somewhere! So, now we’re trying to program out little radios and will probably end up with some nasty virus while trying to get a patch for this stupid little program that’s supposed to be on the disc WE ALL BOUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
    MY GT3 Software will not recognize the radios either. Then, I downloaded another “GT3” vip program from another site and it loads up and looks great except for the “?????” for all the headings!!!


  8. mark says:

    Would sumone be able to help me set up my GT-3TP up please,first radio on ham just want set it up and see how it goes,ave not used radio since am,fm but want to get back into in weston super mare if anyone can help plz

  9. Daniel says:

    Screw all those computer/disc/software/incompatibility/ problems. Go to and learn how to program it manually! It won’t kill you. Some of you guys act like you’re scared of it! Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be better off knowing how to do it yourself. WITHOUT A STUPID COMPUTER.

  10. JustinS says:

    PeterNola – one of the menus in the GT3 software is language – click on menus until you find one that says English.

  11. Cory Boyd says:

    I wish someone would tell me what the correct cable to use for the gt-3p. I have the cable for the uv-3r or something like that. After the driver is loaded and I open CHIRP it sees the cable and the radio but does nothing. Just sits there in the cloning window. After using that com port once it no longer recognizes that com port.

  12. Bret says:

    When using CHIRP for a GT3, select the BF-F8HP for the Radio not the UV5R. Will work like a charm.

  13. Kris says:

    I just bought a GT3-TP Mark III. I also bought the OEM Baofeng usb-serial cable. The connector will not seat correctly on the GT3. I had to shave off some plastic off the base of the connector closest to the smaller plug. Once I did that, there were no issues with connection. I use Chirp on my Win 7 and chose the BF-F8HP radio. It communicated with no issues with my GT3. I also use Baofeng GT3 W64 VIP software so that I can delete the TX frequencies on my scan list that I don’t want to mistakenly TX on like the NOAA freq. I also bought one of these for my father-in-law and I cloned his with no issues. Hope this helps – 73

  14. Raul says:

    When using CHIRP for a GT3, select the BF-F8HP for the Radio not the UV5R

    Also, you need to use the 3.2 version of the driver. check the following link

    once you have the serial cable working with the correct driver and you select the walkie mentioned above it will work like a charm.

    I have no clue why the new drivers dont work and the chirp devs dont just add GT-3TP to the frikkin list, it seems so stupid…. took me the best part of 3 hours to jump through all the hoops and I work in IT!!

  15. Ian R says:

    When using CHIRP for a GT3, select the BF-F8HP for the Radio not the UV5R….


  16. John says:

    Using Chirp on either BF-F8HP or UV5R I get the message “Radio Did Not Respond” any ideas??

  17. Lewis says:

    Hi,i bought Gt 3,new,and i thing i press something wrong ,,,when i switch on radio alarm will go On,and nothing work..its seem that its locked.can you tell me what can i do please?thanks

  18. Mufti ali says:

    Tlg bisa download software nya baofeng type GT-3TP

  19. yt5ado says:

    I can programmed also just with chirp and cloning uv5 r opcion.

  20. CX1AAO Raúl says:

    Baofeng GT-3 TP Radio successfully programmed with Chirp software

  21. Mark says:

    I used Chirp to program GT-3TP Radio, and it will recieve message, but it will not transmit… Anyone else able to get theirs to transmit?

  22. Charles says:

    Same problem as you Mark loads up fine just wont transmit.

  23. Mark says:

    GT-3tp will transmit but not receive. The green light lights if I hold the MOMI botton, tried messing with the firmware as I read in previous posts but am lost. Any help would be appreciated!

  24. Rod says:

    Same issue with film ware have 3 different GT3 radios when uploaded from CHIRP one radio can not here anything on the other. gone into manually change to reset all on both radios seems to working ok but one radio have to plug external mic to communicate with the other 2 go figure.
    unsure why chirp do no add GT3 and GT3TP to the list.

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