I installed mqTranslate: the fork of qTranslate plugin compatible with WordPress 3.9

Today I was using a wordpress blog running version 3.9 and the latest qTranslate plugin. I figured out that the TinyMCE editor was not working at all. The buttons of the TinyMCE were not appearing at all on my screen.

It looks like it was not just matter of fixing this issue when upgrading to WordPress 3.9.

I found that somebody proposed a new plugin called mqTranslate. I installed it without problems. After deactivating qTranslate I activated mqTranslate. I had to go to the settings to enable the correct set of languages and put them in the right order. In the widget area I had to install the new mqTranslate language chooser widget.

There are still some issues with the TinyMCE, most users including me are reporting that is not possible to adjust the window size in the editor area.

There are still bugs but it looks like we finally have a qTranslate successor that is under active development !

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Baofeng GT-3 Radio successfully programmed with Chirp software

I have, like most of my friends, the popular radio Baofeng UV-5R plus. There is now an updated model from Baofeng called GT-3.

This is just a quick blog post, where I want to report that the two radios are almost identical, and I successfully programmed with the Chirp software the Baofeng GT-3. Just set into the chirp software that you are programming a UV-5R. You will be able to backup your radio and to flash a configuration. I also tested reading from UV-5R and writing to a GT-3 and it works without problems.



Baofeng GT-3

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Migrate to git your old svn or mercurial repositories

Hello nerds,

I started to use git as my default versioning tool since a couple of years.

After reading a book about git and exploring all the features you really don’t want to rollback to another versioning system.

So I used this tool to convert my existing mercurial repositories to git. It is quite easy using the fast-export tool that you can clone from here:

git clone git://repo.or.cz/fast-export.git

Because both Mercurial and Git have a copy of the entire repository locally, the migration process happens completely on the local host:

~/fast-export/hg-fast-export.sh -r ~/my-mercurial-repository/

For the svn repositories the process is very simple but takes a little of time for large repositories. You can clone a svn repository to git in this way:

git svn clone svn://repository.xxx/URL

This will make the git client to checkout from the server all the SVN revisions and create the local git repository. What is very useful is that you can now work in git, but you are still able to “svn commit” your changes to the remote svn repository.

this blog post is not a complete guide, read this book to have a complete reference: http://it-ebooks.info/book/919/


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Dirty and quick fix for qtranslate plugin on WordPress 3.9

This morning I upgraded some wordpress blogs, where I am also using the qtranslate plugin.
After upgrading to WordPress 3.9 the home page was broken.
Looking into the server logs I quickly found the problem:

PHP Catchable fatal error:  Object of class WP_Post could not be converted to string in ../wp-content/plugins/qtranslate/qtranslate_core.php on line 455

I wrote to this quick and dirty patch to have the site back online. If you have a better patch please share !


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Una domanda per il sindaco Ignazio Marino sulla domenica ecologica

Caro Sindaco Ignazio Marino,

come Lei, uso quasi ogni giorno la bicicletta per andare sul posto di lavoro e per muovermi in citta’. Visto che siamo entrambi ciclisti, ho pensato di scriverLe per comunicarle una situazione che vivo con forte disagio.

Vorrei porre alla Sua attenzione le deroghe che leggo sull’ordinanza della domenica ecologica del 16 marzo 2014.

Solo il sabato e la domenica mi capita di prendere l’automobile, per andare fuori Roma, fuori dal grande raccordo anulare, spesso fuori dalla regione Lazio.

La mia residenza e’ all’interno della fascia verde. Quindi non posso uscire o rientrare a casa la domenica, unico giorno in cui mi serve la macchina per coprire lunghe distanze.
Come residente della fascia verde di Roma, non le nascondo che mi meraviglia quanti veicoli sono gia’ esentati dal rispettare la Sua ordinanza, in particolare tutti i veicoli EURO 5.

Le chiedo di valutare una deroga all’ordinanza per i residenti della fascia verde che hanno bisogno di lasciare, o di raggiungere, la propria residenza durante gli orari del blocco.

Non le nascondo che l’ordinanza cosi’ com’e’, piu’ che per promuovere l’ecologia, sembra promuovere l’acquisto di veicoli EURO5. Chi come Lei usa la bici ogni giorno, pedala in mezzo a macchine EURO5, anche la domenica. A me non serve una nuova auto EURO5, ma la domenica vorrei poter lasciare la citta’ senza prendere la multa.

grazie per la Sua attenzione.

Cordiali Saluti,

Saverio Proto

A Lavoro in Bici

A Lavoro in Bici

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