Nadja and Lorenzo wedding: a happy day

I’m going to write this post in English, for Nadja :)

It was June 26th, 4 months ago, when I was riding my Graziella to Nadja’s and Lorenzo’s wedding. I arrived under a heavy rain, but it did not matter, because nothing could be a problem in such a special day !

Still, I feel a little confused thinking of my friend Lorenzo married. I use to think at him back in the days of high school, and when I realize we got so old it is always a bit shocking.

I’m so happy for him, he met a very nice girl, I met her for the first time at their wedding.

I did a video to tell the story of that “happy day”. Unfortunately I got a big drunk in the party, and you can always her me screaming behind the camera ! :) Not very professional. However I did my best, and for this special post I also did a graphical restyle of my blog, to have bigger videos more enjoyable.

… is enjoyable actually a English word ??… whatever ! enjoy the video !!!


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2 Responses to Nadja and Lorenzo wedding: a happy day

  1. Fabio says:

    daje save’!!!!

  2. Nadja says:

    Saveeriooooooo!!!!!! That’s an awesome supercool video!! You did such a wonderful job. Thank youuuuuuuu!!!

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